Silke Plesch

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Did something happen in your past that seems to hold you back now? When we feel overwhelmed often our past experiences might get in the way to develop our full potential. Together we will focus on the whole person using mind and body interventions to relieve tension and stress.

I offer holistic therapy for individuals and families using a safe space to foster healthy relationships with your body and mind and with others. I'm trained in body-oriented, sensorimotor approaches and attachment issues, which often manifest in relationships.

The first step toward getting help is often the hardest. I offer a free phone call, and look forward to getting to know you better.




  • Adapting to change

  • Anxiety

  • Family conflict

  • Parenting

  • Relationships

  • Trauma and PTSD


Waltham, MA

Can meet in discreet community locations



  • Cost per session: $150

  • Clients who are accepted through Sophia are eligible for a reduced rate (see pricing page on the Sophia website)

  • Eligible for out-of-network benefits if you have a PPO plan


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor

  • MA, Lesley University