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Find counseling near you.

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Complete a short form

You complete a short form on your needs, personality, preferences, and location. The form takes less than five minutes to complete.


Check on availability 

We check our Boston-area network of licensed counselors to see who is available in your area and interested in working with you. On average, people searching for counseling need to make 8 phone calls before receiving even one response. Sophia contacts counselors on your behalf so you can see who is ready to help.


Choose from personalized matches

We guide you to select the best fit for your needs, and connect you with the counselor of your choice. We follow up during the first few visits to collect feedback and answer questions. You aren't in this alone.

“It’s so hard and can be overwhelming to find a good therapist, especially if you’re looking for one for the first time or new to town. This service is very helpful and I hope that others can benefit from this service as well!”
— Mother seeking therapist for 13-year old son

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