How We Help

Three simple steps to start feeling your best again

Describe your mental health

Step 1: Tell us what you're looking for

Fill out a simple online form about your needs and preferences. Don't worry about knowing exactly what to look for in a counselor. Just tell it like it is, and we'll take it from there.

Pick a Therapist

Step 2: Get your personalized matches

We use our counseling knowledge to find you great matches. Our peer counselors are $30/hour, or $20/half-hour. Our licensed therapists are $100-$250/hour, depending on experience. We provide advice if you aren't sure who to select.

Make a therapy appointment

Step 3: Book a free phone call

You can schedule a free phone consult with a counselor to get a sense of their personality and approach. You can even speak with multiple counselors if you'd like. On the call, you can book your first session to begin your wellness journey.


For more info, check out our FAQ.

Let Sophia handle the painful search process and get matched with a counselor today.