Find your ideal clients

Your time as a healing professional is valuable.

Sophia takes care of marketing and screening to match you with motivated clients who are a good fit for your style.

Find therapy clients

Grow your practice

We know that the reality of insurance reimbursements makes it hard to support a private practice. We connect you with clients who can pay out-of-pocket or use out-of network-benefits, so you can grow your practice and help more clients.

I hate ‘networking’ and I don’t have the time. I like that Sophia does this work on behalf of everyone in their network.
— Sophia adolescent therapist
Use your therapy expertise

Get clients who fit your style

We ask you to complete a detailed survey about your style and expertise. Sophia only matches you with clients who are a good fit for your skills and preferences, clients that we think you'd love working with.

I get 15-20 calls a week. Responding to them is a TREMENDOUS amount of uncompensated work..I know Sophia clients are filtered so that they are all people I can actually help.
— Sophia trauma therapist
Save time on screening

Save time on rerouting clients

Sophia is a reliable place to send clients who have therapy needs you're not able to accomodate. When you direct these clients to Sophia, you can trust they will be well-supported in their search.

I had a client whose boyfriend was into drugs. I didn’t know where to send I said, I’m going to try Sophia...and you all came up with a very good solution.
— Sophia anxiety and depression therapist

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