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Please note: We have closed our business as of November 2018 and are no longer matching new customers to life counselors. Please visit the 'find a life counselor' page for a list of other services that may be helpful.

Who is a life counselor?

A life counselor is a trained, neutral party who can help you during stressful times. They are trained in active listening techniques that can help you better understand your own thoughts, motivations and feelings, and arrive at insights to improve your mental wellness.

How is life counseling different from traditional therapy?

Life counselors are great for life stresses and adjustment issues that many of us go through: such as work stress, family drama, relationship issues, parenting, moving to a new city, and the feelings of self-doubt, sadness and anxiety that come with these life transitions. They are not trained to help with clinical mental health issues that would require specialized training.

How is life counseling different from coaching?

Life counselors will not tell you what to do. The foundation of our approach is that you hold the answers; the counselor is there to create a space and process for you to find them.

Can I apply to be a life counselor?

If you are interested in applying to be a life counselor, you can begin the process by completing this questionnaire.

Completing our hands-on training program requires dedication. It begins with a 2-hour in person session. The amount of time it takes to complete the training program depends on your level of prior experience.

How are life counselors trained?

Counselors go through an in-person training with Sophia. We also collect reviews on their performance so we can maintain a high-quality network.

Please note, they are not licensed by a medical or professional board.

How are life counselors selected?

We look for empathetic people who are inquisitive, intelligent, and kind. They must be lifelong learners who are interested in constantly improving in their work.

What about privacy?

Counselors are trained to not share anything discussed in sessions with anyone else.

Furthermore, because we don't interact with insurance companies, no diagnosis will appear on your medical record.

Can I speak to a life counselor before booking a session?

You're welcome to ask them! Some counselors will offer a free phone call so you can be more comfortable. Others may not.

You can also attend your first session risk-free. If you're not completely satisfied, the session will cost you nothing.

When are sessions offered? Do you offer evening or weekend options?

Counselors set their own hours; many offer evening and weekends hours to fit the schedules of working professionals.

How much does it cost?

Counseling plans range from $70 - $150 per month, which breaks down to $25 - $35 per session.

What are the subscription options?

We offer 2 sessions at $70/month, 4 sessions at $120/month or 6 sessions at $150/month.

What happens if I don't use all my sessions in a month?

You can rollover up to 1 unused sessions to the next month. Email us at to rollover credits.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes. You can pause or cancel at any time. Please email us at

Can I see more than one counselor?

Yes. Some clients like to experience a diversity of counseling styles, and get multiple perspectives on an issue. Email us at if you'd like to try another counselor, even if you're happy with the ones you've worked with.

Where are sessions offered?

In the Greater Boston area. We encourage you to meet for the first time in a quiet public place, such as a coffee shop or park. Afterwards, you may choose to meet wherever is convenient for you and your counselor, including by videoconference or phone.

What can I do to feel better right away?

Our founders have found meditation to be very helpful for mental wellness. Tara Brach has a series of free guided meditations which are excellent, and Headspace is a guided meditation app which is great for beginners. If you've tried meditation and decided it isn't for you, 10% Happier offers meditation for fidgety skeptics.