Words from our customers

Feedback on our counselors

[My counselor] has a sense of humor and seems approachable and easy to trust, which is great for me, since sometimes I have trouble opening up to people. This is also the first time I’ve had a counselor who is funny and so personable, as opposed to more distant and clinical. It is a refreshing change for me and it’s really helping me look forward to our sessions.
I like that she seems very qualified and experienced. She has a method, and keeps the sessions structured by asking specific questions during our couples therapy sessions. She makes both my boyfriend and I very comfortable, which helps us open up and share. She does a good job addressing our issues, but not picking sides.
[My therapist] seems like a perfect fit with her expertise in chronic medical conditions, parenting, etc. Also she went above and beyond to explain my out-of-network insurance benefits.

Feedback on the search process

Thanks for making the service that helped me out. The process of hunting down the right person is extra exhausting and de-motivating — if you find someone you are unsure of, what assurance do you have you’ll EVER find someone better? You’ve already invested so much time into this one and it’s hard enough to conjure up the emotional energy to engage in the healing process, let alone the finding and matching process.
Thanks, as always, for all your help and support. [My client] and I were talking this morning about how amazing you guys are! It took her two years to find a therapist on her own, and she was not happy with the folks she got connected to despite the hours she put in. I think she found me in under two weeks with your help!
— Sophia therapist
Sophia made things easy in the initial curve of locating a counselor. It’s like booking a hotel on Expedia in a foreign country versus doing research on hotels on my own when I have no idea.
I’ve looked at so many profiles in the last few days — can’t tell you how nice it is to find a service that does the legwork for you.
Excellent therapist match. Also excellent communication from Sophia - truly took away my main barriers to finding therapy.
Thank you for all your help, this has been a huge help for me so far and you have made it really easy so far. I’ll read both those blogs and take the proper steps.
I’m super excited about Sophia, by the way: it’s really helped me through a process that has always been unnecessarily complicated and stress-inducing. You guys are providing a fantastic service.